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Rose Gold Stripes Hair Stylist Business Cards

Rose Gold Stripes Hair Stylist Business Cards

PLEASE NOTE - this is a faux foil which means it&#;s an image of foil. If you were to get actual foiled embossed business cards the cost would be well over triple this price. Rose Gold Foil Image with trendy, smart black stripes. A business appointment card template for any profession. Just fill out the template fields above right with your own job/profession details and the text will change on screen immediately. If you wish to re-arrange and format the look further then press the &#;customize it&#; button. A beautiful, sleek and chic designer business card for hair stylists, beauticians, make up artists, fashion stylists, cosmetologists, boutiques, fashion outlet owners, interior designers, graphic designers, or any profession where a contemporary, high end look is sought after.

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