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EPHEMERAL Beauty,Fashion,Cosmetics, Makeup Artist Business Card

EPHEMERAL Beauty,Fashion,Cosmetics, Makeup Artist Business Card

Colorful,elegant,artistic fractal mask with vibrant beads in blue,purple,black,yellow,red colors,bling and bright 3D digital art, fractal rendering and design by Bulgan Lumini (c).This cool,artistic,versatile card is perfect for beauty salon day spa,hair dresser,stylish hair stylist,theatrical make up artists,costumers,boutique owners,theater actresses,models,cosmeticians,cosmetologists,personal shoppers,wardrobe consultants,fashion designers, fashionista,entertainment industry and other creative professions.

magic mardi gras masquerade mask, perfume glamour blue black colors, modern beautiful young woman character, beautician esthetician cosmetologist cosmetician spa, trendy hair salon stylist hairdresser, cute fantasy jewels jewelry jeweler, classy fashion boutique shop fashionista, birthday party wedding event planner, entertainment actress theater costume designer, performing arts night club disco, cool, jewellery, diva, holiday, astrology, psychic, hi tech, therapy, music, massage therapist

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