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MIRANDOLINA / Performing Arts ,Costume Designer Business Card

MIRANDOLINA  / Performing  Arts ,Costume Designer Business Card

Colorful,whimsical,vibrant Venetian masquerade blonde woman is sitting with a red rose and a feathered mask in hand with sparkling gold fuchsia fabrics of a baroque masked ball costume with feathers and a dog. Watercolor painting with bright colors in yellow,blue,pink,green,gold sparkles and silver foil,inspired from characters of Comedy of Art ( Commedia dell&#; Arte ) ,Carnival of Venice and Venetian feather cool and artistic card is perfect for hair dresser,stylish hair stylist,theatrical make up artists,costumers,clothing designers,boutique owners,theater actresses,models,cosmeticians,cosmetologists,perfume,personal shoppers,wardrobe consultants,fashion designers, fashionista,entertainment industry and other creative professions.

elegant beautiful blond woman character, modern unique fantasy fine art, beauty salon spa makeup artist, beautician esthetician cosmetologist cosmetics business, hair salon stylist hairdresser, vibrant fashion couture seamstress tailor, party wedding event planner, carnival mardi gras masquerade mask, animal lover veterinarian pet care, women boutique fashion designer fashionista, movie, dancing, dance, entertainment, love, personal, valentine, colors, perfume

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